About Us

The Drug War Times is a digital news and information portal focusing specifically on drugs and their impact on society. This includes legal and regulated drugs and illegal black market drugs. The war on drugs, as it is referred to in the United States, is a complex legal, legislative, social and economic system that has far-reaching effects in society, but is questionable in terms of results. The mission of the Drug War Times is to identify information that educates and informs people truthfully on the entire range of issues that relate to the war on drugs worldwide.

This complex nuance in human societies is both fascinating and devastating. Information from this site can be used to enhance the understanding of modern society's relationship to drugs in all forms and social acceptance levels. The Drug War Times has several sections, each covering a specific category of information:

1. Crime and Punishment
Crime and punishment focuses on the legal aspects of drugs in society such as prohibition, regulation, crime, courts, prisons, correctional policies, recent cases, legal history, etc.

2. Economics
Economics examines the economic factors of drug use, distribution, regulation and prohibition for legal and illegal substances. This includes federal regulation via FDA/ATF/DEA/FBI/IRS/CBO and other agency news as it relates to economic data, economic studies from universities and other institutions that perform research, economic news related to drugs or chemicals and other economic and drug related content involving finance, commerce and trade.

3. Expert Opinions
Expert opinions consists of interviews, transcripts or curated content that express the views and opinions of those who have been credited for their knowledge of drugs, legislation, law, social matters, chemistry, criminal justice, organized crime and other related topic material regarding drugs and society.

4. Frontlines and Behind the Scenes
Front Lines and Behind the Scenes attempts to thoroughly investigate societal elements of drug use, distribution, regulation and prohibition and other related material involving drugs and society. This could include interviews with executives or criminals, activists or politicians; curated content from the web about people dealing with drug addiction or the crime associated with the narcotics trade or the money being made from it; and other related content.

5. Legislation
Legislation focuses on the regulation, prohibition, funding and human services provided by the government bodies charged with drafting bills into laws regarding drugs in society. This includes legal and illegal substances and state and federal laws in the United States as well as laws internationally.

6. News
General news involving drugs and society.

7. Treatment
Treatment options and news for addicts and those that need help to get sober from substances they have become dependent upon. Resources for drug addicts and people with substance abuse issues.

8. Education
Education focuses on educating the reader about specific substances, their history and impact on societies and cultures, chemical information, health information and other educational material intended to enhance the understanding of drugs, personal reflection and society.

Users can also submit news to our site. This helps us engage with our audience and report or relay important information to our readers. We welcome text, photo and video submissions or links to relevant content for story ideas.

Certain content on this site will become available for syndication for news organizations and other groups. This will help the Drug War Times to keep producing content for the site and for its users.

The Drug War Times is published by Lawson Media & Publishing, a media company in Southern Minnesota. It was established in 2011. Visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/drugwartimes or on Twitter.

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