Safe and Sober Transportation in the Twin Cities

CDC Statistics on Drunk Driving

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MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL - This post is a public safety awareness post sponsored by Renne's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches and Trolleys, committed to delivering unforgettable moments in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and providing safe and sober transportation in the greater metro area. Getting to your destination safely is the most important thing we never consider. Sometimes it is too late. Such was the recent case of a St. Thomas University student who lost her life after getting into a car driven by her intoxicated boyfriend.

Michael Campbell was allegedly speeding while drunk driving his car. With him was his girlfriend, beautiful Ria Patel, who is originally from London, UK, but her parents live in an affluent suburb of Minneapolis called Eden Prairie. Campbell crashed his Ford Focus into a stoplight structure and the entire passenger side of the vehicle essentially crushed 20-year-old Patel to death. Campbell was 21 years old at the time and fled the scene. He was arrested two days later, according to local news reports in the Twin Cities. He told police that he fled because he was traumatized at the scene of his dying girlfriend, Ria Patel.

This was a tragic case of drunk driving and the results that can occur from it as a consequence of irresponsible decision making. Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can cause major damage and pain to everyone involved. Vehicular manslaughter in Minnesota carries a prison sentence of up to ten years, which is what Campbell now faces.

There are many alternatives. One person on Facebook commenting on the situation said he doesn't drive and believes there are better ways to get around, especially if drunk:

John H Jr Halstead said, "Never driven a car in my life, TG. Some of these stupid drivers? I don't know But, I've seen worse in other countries. If a person is drunk, call a cab."

There are a number of great ways to have a great time in the city of Minneapolis, even for college students. There is public transportation. As Halstead on Facebook said, you can call a taxi cab. For this generation, you may prefer Uber or Lyft rideshare services.

If you really do insist on bar hopping and traveling while you are intoxicated, there are party bus services available as well. Also, companies like Renee's Royal Valet in Minneapolis provide customized transportation for parties and other occasions, setup for travel to multiple destinations around the city safely. Create a whole event out of your night of partying, if that is really what you are intent on doing. Do it the safe way. Trust a professional service like RRV to create a special tour de Minneapolis for you and make your moments memorable.

It is true what they say. Friends really don't let friends drive drunk. The results can be another heartbreaking tale like that of Patel. Get to your destinations safely and only trusted a sober driver to get you to where you are going. Drunk driving accidents kill millions of people in the U.S. every year and fines and penalties for such behavior can create a massive financial burden. Campbell, who was studying finance at St. Thomas, will never be the same and his life is at the mercy of the criminal justice system.