Social Network Launches to Connect Users to Nutrition and Food Experts is a website and mobile site that is intended to serve as a social media network for all things food, or as some have called it: "The Linkedin for food". The platform has officially launched after its initial beta test in 2016 in invitation-only mode.

A press release in late February came from FoodNiche to announce the full release of the social network for food. The company says the platform's user base is growing and it is becoming known as a go-to source for all things related to food and nutrition.

The site navigates users to content generated from its own food-focused community of users. Those users include food and nutrition experts, chefs, restaurants and brands that offer discounts and other goodies to the user base on FoodNiche. Preferences allow users on FoodNiche to customize their feed and user experience based on their own interests and information seeking habits.

Brands and restaurants and others in the food industry will likely see this as a golden opportunity in marketing the way other sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter were for many businesses using new social media technologies to advance their bottom line and serve more customers, as well as create advocates their products/services. FoodNiche will be a lucrative option to many businesses in that particular niche.

FoodNiche's tagline is "food you'll relish." They say their main mission is to make high quality food more affordable and accessible to people. That is how the founder of the site came up with the idea. She was inundated with useless information coming from search engine links for meal planning for her father, who had special dietary needs. FoodNiche wants to become the go-to source for this information, bypassing the useless search links from sites that provide little useful information in a sea of other information online.

“Being able to connect with different food interest groups and find all updates in my feed is completely priceless," Chef Luisa Schetinger said. "Instead of searching different websites for content, I can now have all my food recommendations in one place, saving time especially on busy nights.”

FoodNiche hopes that streamlining the process in this way will help users make meaningful connections to useful food and nutrition information. They also hope to help consumers save money on food products and services offered from brands and restaurants using the site to promote.